Things I wish I knew when I was 17!

Location: Namur, Belgium

Well, I am 33 now and this year I will officially finish the second shift of 17 years in my life!! So it seemed like a good time to connect with you, my dear 17-year-old self.

Fruits and Veggies are TASTY !!!

Well, you are not completely…


6 Steps and Tools to make your Remote meetings successful and interactive!

Going by the way 2020 went by, we all can assume that 2021 is going to be a year of remote connections and online collaborations. And after a year of only remote meetings, one has become used to the way of working over an MS Teams/Zoom screen. …

“Conflict Resolution Skills as a Scrum Master”


A Scrum Master is a process coach, facilitator, agile guide, a leader who serves, and a lot more things. But one of the things which the teams and the recruiters look for in a Scrum Master is conflict moderation/resolution skills.

Teams that work…

Scrum has been instrumental in the success of many teams for years now and it is all possible to happen being centered around the 5 values of Scrum.

For any new person, onboard the Scrum train, and let me quickly recap what these 5 highly practical values are. …

What is Technical Debt??

Well, technical debt is a metaphor developed by Ward Cunningham in 1992 to communicate problems due to “not developing in the right way” with non-technical stakeholders. To put it simply it is a loan you never intended to take.

Why should your IT landscape worry about…

For each team, it is essential to look back on the Sprint journey, learn from the mistakes, celebrate the small wins and have a clear dialogue on the improvement points.

As a Scrum Master I have facilitated many retrospectives and below are my best choices to initiate the right dialogue…

In a world where digital transformations is the need of hour and workforce is distributed even in the same city and across geographies, many of the large scale events which used to happen with all in office are happening over calls. …

As most of us are working from our homes and workspaces have turned into continuous video and audio calls we are more than ever dependent on technology and tools to ensure continuity and collaboration.

And in today’s day and age you have tools for almost everything and what is not…

Amazing view..boca de inferno at the lovely cascais.. :-)

Rishika Mittal

A Scrum Master, an Agile Coach, a dancer, and a student for life

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