6 Steps and Tools to make your Remote meetings successful and interactive!

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6 Steps and Tools to make your Remote meetings successful and interactive!

1. Be Prepared for the meeting-

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Be clear on two aspects of the meeting-

1. What do you want to be discussed during the meeting-

2. What do you want as an outcome for the meeting-

2. Engage the participants -


So next time you are in a meeting ask the people how their weekend was and how are they feeling. This is the online equivalent for the Water- Cooler talks!

3. Scheduled Breaks and Online Energizers for long meetings-

Source: Mentimeter

Online tools like Kahoot and Mentimeter provide a lot of options for these sessions. For a day-long session with teams from 5 countries, I conducted an inter-cultural quiz on Mentimeter which was well received.

4. Write the meeting notes in the meeting —

Source: https://www.memesmonkey.com/topic/notes

Hence it is a good practice to share the meeting notes in the meeting itself and then share them with everyone in the meeting. Makes it easier to recollect!

5. Take Quick feedback before closing the meeting -


So if you have had a long meeting take the feedback from the participants, it can help you be better prepared the next time. You can use sites like FunRetro or Invision for these sessions.

6. Make interactive sessions for things like onboarding/ Value Mapping / Brainstorming -

Source: https://www.mural.co/blog/rapid-online-mapping-and-design-workshop

We did this in Mural which proved to be quite the hit. Mural has all the customized options and is very user friendly in essence. There are other sets as well which provide these options but Mural has the most user-friendly interface.

These were the steps and tools that help me in planning the remote meetings in a more productive manner. Do let me know if you have some more tips which we can use.

Though I would leave here with the most simple rule of Online meetings. Every time you are going to schedule a meeting ask yourself once “ Is this really needed” and only if the answer is Yes then hit the SEND button !!

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