6 Reasons why MS Teams is a great digital collaboration tool!!!

As most of us are working from our homes and workspaces have turned into continuous video and audio calls we are more than ever dependent on technology and tools to ensure continuity and collaboration.

And in today’s day and age you have tools for almost everything and what is not available is being in some corner of the world already. And today I want to write about one such tool which has greatly helped the team communicate and is also evolving as per the needs of the users on a continuous basis.

Microsoft Teams has emerged as a very stable and easy to use collaboration tool for organizations and teams. Oh, and did I mention it has some fun and very cool hacks to it ;-)

Microsoft Teams
  1. Sync with Outlook- As both are Microsoft Office products MS teams is auto synced with MS Outlook which means that any invite in either of the tools shows up and gives you clarity on both ends.You can schedule a meeting with Teams and invite folks in the organization while checking their scheduling assistants for availability.

2. Breakouts & Simultaneous meetings- Users can join simultaneous meeting within teams and channels in it .

Within the teams and channels you can have breakouts which can be joined simultaneously and can be rejoined at any point of time. THIS IS A GREAT FEATURE which can be specially used in longer events with multiple teams in an organization.

3. Chat History & Features- This one big advantage over Skype for business that you can visit the chat details later for any meeting or individual conversations. You can also react to the chats with emojis and thumbs up which is very useful in case of conference calls when you have questions mentioned in the chat so the moderator knows what is the most important question for the group overall-

Emojis for the reaction on chats

4. Attaching documents in Channels- Being a MS offering the tool is also equipped to easy integration with other tools like Powerpoint and Excel which are heavily used in all digital teams.

Document edits with the group

You can attach things in the group and have the documents available for edit in the group and also available for download post the edits with the group.

5. Background Blur and Features- Having video calls is a an important way to feel connected in the digital way of working. And one of the inhibitions sometimes people feel is the things going in background may attract attention. MS teams has a fantastic feature for the Blurring the background and also adding custom backgrounds which takes away that inhibition and also is a fun discussion to start the call with . Imagine having calls from mountains and lego lands.

Blur Background Feature

6. Whiteboarding Feature- MS teams also offers the feature of whiteboarding for live discussions in calls which initiate animated discussions and clarity in designs . Also while the whiteboard is being shared everyone can add to the whiteboard which also leads to some fun at times.

This list may not be exhaustive so please add if I missed any!!!

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